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What is Madico?

Madico is a global leader in retrofit window films and frame attachment systems specified for blast mitigation.


Madico’s brands include the following:


Madico SafetyShield®






Lifeline ™

What is MADICO

Madico CL and SafetyShield retrofit security glazing films have been tested to the highest levels of blast ratings that meet such standards as ISO 16933 EXV 19, GSA Levels B and C, and several others.  No competing manufacturer is presently known to holds as many blast performance ratings as Madico.  All certificates are supported by corresponding test reports.  Please contact either our Madico SafetyShield Premier Partners or Madico directly for supporting references.

As Madico SafetyShield solutions are specified and applied to sensitive sites and properties of globally visible private and public entities such as banks, government agencies, embassies, military bases, airports, railway stations, government ministry buildings, public and private schools and universities, as well as religious and cultural sites, Madico has signed non-disclosure agreements in most cases.   We are able to reference companies who have purchased Madico security glazing solutions either directly or via independent distribution and SafetyShield Premier Partners.



Madico Global Clients

Madico Safety Shield is applied to the following sites that may or may not acknowledge or serve as references:


- United States Department of State

- United States Navy

- United States Air Force

- JP Morgan Chase Bank NA

- Morgan Stanley Bank

- World Bank

- United Nations World Food Programme

- United Nations Development Programme



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